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Larry Ryan joined The Independent's website in November 2007. He writes the "Caught in the Net" music column for the paper's Arts & Books section on Friday. He wears thick glasses and talks slowly, traits which people occasionally mistake for signs of intelligence.

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Portishead - 'Chase The Tear' (for a good cause)

Posted by Larry Ryan
  • Thursday, 10 December 2009 at 04:28 pm
Given that there was a three year gap between Portishead's first record and their second, and a whopping eleven years between album two and their third LP of new material, the emergence of new music just a little over a year after Third was released, is admirable productivity for the band. Ok, it's only a single song, not a full album, but still. The new track is called "Chasing The Tear" (apparently it's tear as in something that is torn, rather than moisture from an eye and whatnot). The song is was released yesterday to mark Human Rights Day (today) and proceeds from the single go to Amnesty International UK. Get the track here.

It has a great driving electro rhythm with drums, guitar and Beth Gibbons' voice all chiming in with brilliant effect. It calls to mind a modern take on something from Neu's first album - maybe they saw that great Krautrock documentary on BBC 4 a few weeks back. All in all, the song is pretty damn good. It bodes well for the future if this new found productivity is maintained. Here's video footage of the band playing it in their studio.



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